Champion Training© is a 5-part series (30-45 minutes per meeting and held on Tuesdays at 4 pm ET) built uniquely around a proprietary process Clay Hicks' perfected over 9 years. The techniques shared in the training are based on disciplines that can be applied to existing relationships that you may have already and future relationships. The goal of this training is for a member to become a Champion, create Champions for themselves, apply predictable results to their word of mouth marketing and fill their pipeline.

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Champion Training© Series:

  I.  Part I-Enter the TRACS Roadmap©

There are 3 ways to enter the TRACS Roadmap© and we show you how to use these techniques to your advantage. With application, your experience with any of the 3 techniques will help you to be more intentional with your time, relationships, and outcomes.

  II.  Part II-Connect Serve & Ask©

When applying all 3 fundamentals, you now are making The Champion Shift© towards predictable results from your word of mouth marketing. Most people just get to know each other in their one to one's and they may help each other if they think about it. Don't be like most people. Be a Champion. Connect, Serve, & Ask© others with intentionality so that you can earn trust faster and allow others to earn your trust. Intentionally apply the learned fundamentals and shift your mindset to do what it takes to fill your pipeline with your COIs (Centers of Influences) and Prospects.

  III.  Part III-Seize the Opportunity!

What if you could change your future in networking forever? What if you took your shot? You can now. We'll give you the techniques you need to seize the opportunity to start identifying your Champions while filling your pipeline at the same time. Start inviting others to Seize the Opportunity with you!

  IV.  Part IV-Tracking & Commitment

Track your numbers, make the Commitment to make The Champion Shift©, then you'll begin to fundamentally change who your relationships are with, who they will be with in the future, and outcomes from those relationships. Change your mindset and your results by making a mindset shift and taking intentional action on the fundamentals to see the difference in results.

  V.  Part V-Predictable & Repeatable

You can now apply our repeatable process to create predictable results from your Word of Mouth Marketing with The Champion Shift©. We all use repeatable processes all the time as entrepreneurs and sales people. We use a repeatable process for cold calling and other marketing. We use a repeatable process on social media to share things with our network. We use a repeatable process in our services or the way our product is made. By going through our Champion Training©, you can now apply a repeatable process to build relationships and intentionally enhance your results from now on. "When you focus on the relationship and not the outcome, your outcomes become more predictable" ~ Clay Hicks