The Champion Shift is unique to H7 members to help them create a more predictable outcome from their word of mouth marketing. The member mindset shifts from “build relationships and see what happens” to “build trusted-relationships and the outcomes become more predictable”. These techniques are learned in several training workshops where members can use these techniques not only in H7, but in other networking groups, chambers, and associations. Take The Champion Shift with us and produce better results from your time, energy, and efforts.

Training, application, and discipline is what it takes to make The Champion Shift:

1. Take our proprietary CSA Certification and find out quickly that the H7 culture is very different. CSA is an H7 term that stands for Connect, Serve, and Ask. It’s the way we encourage our members to conduct intentional one-to-one’s to increase opportunities to create Champions from their network.

2. Attend Activate H7 workshop until it can be applied with confidence and discipline. In this very powerful workshop, we train members on applying specific communication in networking socials, meetings, one-to-ones, and other networking experiences. Activate H7 is held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 12 pm ET.

3. Finish the Champion Training series. This training is a 5-part series (30-45 minutes per meeting and held on Tuesdays at 4 pm ET) built uniquely around a proprietary process founder Clay Hicks has perfected over the last 9 years. The techniques shared in the training are based on disciplines that can be applied to existing relationships as well as future relationships. The goal of this training is for a member to be able to create Champions for themselves and predictable results from their word of mouth marketing. Once members have completed the series, they attend the Champion Training Technique Review to start intentionally applying The Champion Shift.

4. Participation in F.U.E.L. Orientation. Members learn about our community and culture so they have a Fundamental Understanding on Every Level. Learning how to intentionally Connect, Serve, Ask, and Lead within the community benefits them as well as helps them to make The Champion Shift with confidence. F.U.E.L. Orientation is held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 12 pm ET.

After all of these steps, our members have completed the Champion Shift , earning a certification that not only benefits in H7 but in all other networking organizations as well!

Future Visitor Invitation details

Renewal Credit details

Champion Certificate details


1. Earn Renewal Credits

Members must be on an Alpha Team or be “Champion Certified” (see training links above to become certified) every year. Members can earn renewal credits for any guests they bring who join our community. For every guest (they cannot be a current H7 member) that you invite to join H7, and the guest fills out The Champion Shift form, a member now qualifies to earn Renewal Credits on their next renewal date. Members can earn renewal credits of $25 for “Standard” Memberships and $37 for “B2B” memberships.

2. Earn Champion Certificates

Members must be on an Alpha Team or become Champion Certified. When a member completes the requirements it automatically qualifies them as a Silver Level Champion. When a member brings in 3 members in 12 months, they become a Gold Level Champion. When a member brings in 7 members or more in 12 months, they become a Platinum Level Champion. (All certificates will be mailed to the member's address on file. Certifications must be kept up with on a yearly basis to stay qualified as a Champion. All visitors that a member brings must have filled out The Champion Shift form prior to their visit to count towards the credit.)

3. Obtain a Guarantee on your Membership

We guarantee you will develop 5 Champions for yourself (either inside or outside of H7) within 90 days or we'll work with you until you do. (The 90 day clock starts when someone starts Activate H7 or Champion Training or FUEL Orientation. Activate H7 and Champion Training is an upgrade for Standard Memberships Only.)

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***All training required to make The Champion Shift, is part of the TRACS System. The TRACS System is intellectual property solely owned by Clay Hicks.