The Champion Shift is a series of trainings unique to H7 members to help them create a more predictable outcome from their word of mouth marketing. The member mindset shifts from “build relationships and maybe it’ll go somewhere” to “build trusted relationships and the outcomes become more predictable”. These techniques are learned in several training workshops where members can use these techniques not only in H7, but in other networking groups, chambers, and associations. Make The Champion Shift with us and produce better results from your time, energy, and efforts.

The Champion Shift is a complete process of immersion of changing from networking without results to networking intentionally gaining desired results. When professionals visit us, they immediately get hit with the differences in our vast programming, inclusive meeting structure, and in-depth training. We have come to realize through hundreds of visitors to our program that the Champion Shift is not for everyone. It takes a new level of commitment to reach this skillset. This is one of the many reasons H7 Network is “invitation-only” and we prefer a current member vouch for the visitors prior to them joining our community.

“Focus on the relationships, not the outcome, and the outcomes become more predictable” - Clay Hicks

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***All training required to make The Champion Shift©, is part of the TRACS System©. The TRACS System© is intellectual property solely owned by Clay Hicks.

Join us for “Welcome to H7” (Zoom) on Thursdays at 1 pm ET. This is an H7 meeting demo where we facilitate our meeting style and include the intentionality behind each moment of our meeting structure. We also include different opportunities where our exclusive training can benefit you, both inside and outside, the H7 Network. Click on the orange button labeled “Join us for Welcome to H7” and choose a convenient day for you.

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