I.  Intentionally shift your style of "one to ones”

“Focus on the relationship, not the outcome, and the outcome becomes more predictable.” - Clay Hicks. Most people go into "one to ones” to get to know each other. Using this reason to do "one to ones” with others is the leading cause of creating little to no relationships and results from networking. It’s time to get intentional. Once you become a member, the first step is to get CSA Certified so you learn how to apply techniques to earn “trust” with others, while learning to like and know each other. Notice earning “Trust” is the objective?

  II.  Serve others Intentionally

"Help enough people get what they want and you’ll get what you want" - Zig Ziglar. Most people, when in a "one to one", do not typically help each other till the end of their first "one to one". This leaves little to no time to earn any trust with each other so naturally you’ll have to get more intentional with how you spend your time during “one to ones” to earn trust. If you currently conduct your “one to ones” this way, you’re headed toward the “friend-zone” fast. Stay out of the “friend-zone” and get CSA Certified so you can learn how to apply techniques to earn “trust” with others, while learning to like and know each other.

  III.  Communicate more effectively

Most people when they are in networking experiences (one to ones, socials, associations, formal networking orgs) they walk into the room with “hope” on their mind. “I hope someone will buy something from me tonight”. “If I tell them everything I do and puke my target market on them, they’ll be able to help me or buy from me”. Throw that mindset of hope out and start fresh, being more intentional with your communication. Get CSA Certified and jump into Activate H7 so you can get intentional with your communication. When you communicate with others about your target market, centers of influences, and other forms of communication, you need to make it easier for others to help you.

  IV.  FUEL your Intentional Results

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