Champions Deliver Results

“Champion” relationships are a new kind of relationship that a professional can seek. After 9 years of research and development, the proof is here. The data doesn’t lie, Champion relationships WIN! In order to make Champion relationships, you must be a Champion. In order to become a Champion, there is a mindset shift that has to happen. Read on below to learn the 1st few steps to making The Champion Shift.

Referral partners, Power Partners, Strategic Alliances, and others are the typical relationships that those that network are in search of because someone told them that those are the types of relationships they should go find. These types of relationships are also built upon like, know, and trust. The only snag is that those that are using networking as a vehicle to grow their business, have to wait until an opportunity presents itself. Every single time.

H7 Network is where Champions are made and THEY ARE the MOST INTENTIONAL kind of relationships to develop if you want to grow your business by word of mouth more PREDICTABLY. Champions are also built upon like, know, and trust but they come together with a specific frequency and consistency, an agenda, and the objective of filling your pipeline with YOUR target market. Champions not only help you fill your pipeline so that you can nurture your prospects more proactively, but you also are a Champion for them. Champions create WIN-WIN relationships and are never one sided.