1. No requirements for attendance or to bring referrals to the meetings
2. TRACS System is highly encouraged to attend so that you can maximize your experience.
3. Membership includes all the B2B meetings plus the TRACS System training
4. Our Culture and community. B2B is "invite to visit, invite to join" so contact us prior to paying to join us to ensure it's a good fit for both you and us.
5. CSA Certification (part of the TRACS System) is required to be in the B2B program. It took Clay Hicks 5,700 one to ones to create this content.
6. Champions vs Referral Partners: Referral partners are relationships that are productive based on opportunity and timing. Champions come together with a specific frequency, agenda, and objective of opening doors to prospects for each other. Champions help you fill your pipeline so that you can nurture your prospects more proactively. Champion Training (part of the TRACS System and where you learn to build Champions) is highly encouraged and it took 9 years for Clay Hicks to perfect.
7. In 27 months, we now have over 800 members in the B2B program from 41 states in the US and other countries including the Philippines, El Salvador, Columbia, Canada, India, Italy, UK, Croatia, and Australia. Almost 600 of the members are either Fractionals, Consultants, and Coaches.


Our meeting structure combined with our TRACS System training is second to none. In our meeting structure, the objective is for all participants to walk away from each meeting with a meaningful connection to who they are asking to be connected too. Relationships are the core and building relationships with prospective Champions are the key to opening doors that you desire to be open.  The catalyst to creating potential Champions for yourself starts with your "ask" in our meetings. A member sharpens up their "Ask" in Activate H7. Our proprietary certification on intentional 1:1s (CSA Certification) is the platform to create like, know, and trust more fluidly with your potential Champions. We require all our new members to get CSA Certified so that they can BE better at building relationships more efficiently and build Champions faster for themselves.


B2BV (Virtual) is H7 Network B2B over Zoom. "B2BV" is our weekly B2B Virtual meetings that are open to B2B professionals seeking to fill their pipelines and grow for their business more intentionally via Champions. Our TRACS System is training for building Champions for yourself while filling your pipeline and it comes with your B2B Membership. 

B2B Only

H7 Network defines B2B as B2B professionals' clearly focused on marketing to "other businesses". 

Requirements to Participate

No recruiting, No email stealing to add to your newsletter, and Guests can visit twice prior to making a decision to join. Must be a minimum of Sole Proprietor, LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, or a sales representative of the same type of company or Associations. Your marketing must be clearly focused on "other businesses"

Typical Participants

Fractional professionals, Consultants, Coaches, Professional Services, Marketing Services, Employee Benefits, & More that are B2B

Target Market Categories

  1. Professional Services: Attorneys/CPAs/Financial Advisors/Coaches/Consultants
  2. Commercial/Residential/Management Real Estate Industry
  3. Commercial/Residential Skilled Trades/Contractors Associations
  4. Education / College / Universities
  5. Event Planners / Locations / Venues
  6. Manufacturing
  7. Non-Profits/Churches/Govt
  8. Healthcare/Senior Services
  9. HR Services/Recruiting/Staffing
  10. Restaurants/Retail/Hospitality/Boutiques
  11. Technology

If this type of networking is what you desire, then this program will allow you to meet other like-minded professionals looking to also create more Champions for their business. Premium Membership is required. You can find this membership through the Join tab.