H7 Network Member Benefits

The H7 Network Community thrives on the values of Connect, Serve, and Ask. Every time we gather, whether it's in a one-on-one meeting or a group setting, we foster meaningful connections, offer support to one another, and seek opportunities for collaboration and growth. H7 Network creates an ecosystem that fosters professional growth by providing access to Learning Opportunities, Peer Support, business to business networking, skill-building Resources, and Recognition.

Accelerate Your Networking with H7

By engaging with our programming, professionals can accelerate their trajectory, expand their knowledge and skills, achieve consistent and measurable outcomes from their word-of-mouth marketing like never before, and unlock new opportunities for growth and success. As a member of the H7 Network Community, you'll also have access to our expert-led specialty workshops and training to tailored programs based on member interests, as well as exciting events and staying on top of the latest business trends, we ensure our members have access to a dynamic and engaging experience. Learn more about the membership that you may be most interested in below.