Non-Member Resources

The Champion Shift Training Roadmap:

  1.  CSA Certification

CSA (Connect, Serve, Ask©) Certification© certifies you in how to do an intentional one-to-one. This training supports members in earning Champions faster and more intentionally.

  2.  Champion Training Part I

In this specific training, we will show you how to enter the TRACS Roadmap© with more intentionality and begin the process of creating more predictable results from your time spent networking.

  3.  Champion Training Part II

In this specific training, we will show you how to practice “Connect, Serve, and Ask©” to be more intentional with your time spent in your one-to-ones.

  4.  Activate H7

In the Activate H7 workshop we will give you the tools and techniques necessary to communicate more intentionally and use these essentials to make it easier for your Champions to help you.

  5.  Champion Training Part III

You can now apply our repeatable process to create predictable results from your Word of Mouth Marketing with The Champion Shift©. We all use repeatable processes all the time as entrepreneurs and sales people. We use a repeatable process for cold calling and other marketing. We use a repeatable process on social media to share things with our network. We use a repeatable process in our services or the way our product is made. By going through our Champion Training©, you can now apply a repeatable process to build relationships and intentionally enhance your results from now on. "When you focus on the relationship and not the outcome, your outcomes become more predictable" ~ Clay Hicks

  6.  F.U.E.L Orientation

Fundamental Understanding on Every Level. F.U.E.L. is a training course developed for our new and existing members to help navigate H7 to make the most of their membership.

  7.  Champion Training Part IV

In this specific training, we will show you how to track your progress with building Champions, learn the key performance indicators you should be using to make decisions, and a solid schedule in your calendar to create predictable results and sustain them.

  8.  Champion Training Part V

In this specific training, we will show you how to schedule the frequency of meetings with your Champions, use a perfected agenda, and repeat the process over and over again till you have at least 5 Champions for your business in the next 90 days.

  9.  Attend

Attend Champion Training and CSA Certification Technique Reviews within 30 days of completion of both the CSA Certification and Champion Training. The Technique Review workshops are listed in the calendars.