H7 stands for HUB for seven foundational pillars (or VALUES) that collectively map the path to networking success. These pillars—Connect, Serve, Ask, Influence, Focus, Champion, and Win-Win—serve as the cardinal guideposts for building and nurturing relationships that are both meaningful and mutually beneficial. By embracing these values, H7 fosters a dynamic community where individuals and businesses alike can thrive through authentic engagement, shared goals, and a commitment to lifting each other up in pursuit of excellence and growth.

7 Values:

Establishing and maintaining connections is at the heart of our approach, underscoring the importance of consistent engagement. It's essential to reach out to our teams, leaders, members, and visitors regularly, demonstrating the unique value we bring to each interaction.

At the core of our mission lies the unequivocal commitment to service— a dedication to meet our teams, leaders, members, and visitors "where they are." This principle goes beyond mere assistance; it embodies a profound understanding and acknowledgment of the individual journeys and challenges each person faces.

This principle is rooted in the understanding that no individual holds all the answers, and that success is often a collective achievement, built on the foundations of mutual support and shared knowledge. By intentionally reaching out for assistance, we not only acknowledge our own limitations but also create opportunities for others to demonstrate their strengths and contribute their expertise.

Empower and inspire our teams, leaders, members, and visitors by actively elevating their aspirations and capabilities, guiding them from their current positions to the heights they aspire to reach. Our approach is rooted in the belief that by investing our efforts in uplifting others, we not only exhibit the transformative value we bring to their journeys but do so with purpose and deliberation.

Our mission transcends the boundaries of mere collaboration; it is a call to action for every individual within our ranks to contribute to a movement that aims at transforming our global community for the better. By harnessing the collective power, skills, and passions of our diverse group, we believe in our capability to make a significant impact.

Act as unwavering advocates for our teams, leaders, members, and visitors, making a significant impact through thoughtful, intentional support. Our approach to championing the individuals within our community goes beyond mere encouragement; it encapsulates a deep commitment to seeing them succeed, recognizing their efforts, and valuing their contributions at every turn.

Building Win-Win relationships across our community—spanning teams, leaders, members, and visitors—centers on the deliberate enactment of our other six core value statements. This concerted effort aims not only to establish mutually beneficial connections but to foster an environment where everybody involved sees and feels the tangible benefits of their interactions and contributions.