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Visit an H7 Meeting
(In Person or Virtual )

Join us for a fast-paced, productive 60-Minute meeting that will showcase our impressive culture and supportive community.

Visit an H7 Meeting
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We understand the importance of seeing it for yourself and can't wait to welcome you. If you are B2C, we suggest you find an In Person meeting near you.

Visit Welcome to H7

Discover the secret behind H7's purposeful design of our structure for your success. In W2H7, we share the intentionality behind the scenes of our programming and training.

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Join us on Thursdays at 1 pm ET for W2H7. When attending W2H7 is not possible, visit a 2nd H7 meeting. Be on the look out for communication from an H7 Team Member.

Obtain Approval to Join H7

H7 Network operates on an invitation only basis. To ensure a seamless onboarding experience, we recommend attending W2H7 or meeting with members first prior to joining our community.

Obtain Approval to Join H7 « Click Here

we kindly request that you obtain approval by attending our W2H7 or a meet with a current member/leader for a 1:1. Members/Leaders make great champions for you. If a member has invited you to the community, you already have a champion. If you found us online, it's important that you attend W2H7 prior to joining our community.

Join H7

H7 Network is an incredible gathering of skilled individuals who embrace the Connect, Serve, and Ask ethos.

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If you're are committed to lifelong learning and wish to cultivate new business via reliable word-of-mouth marketing, welcome to the community.


Our vision is to globally revolutionize the way business professionals Connect first, Serve with purpose, and Ask of their peers. We invite you to experience the H7 way. WATCH the video on the right for a brief intro into the H7 Network.