Be Our Guest

Join a meeting as a guest free of charge

Here's How To Visit As A Guest:

  1. Hover over the one of the "Meetings" tab (virtual or in-person) and pick the city you want.
  2. Locate a meeting you desire to visit.
  3. Show up or join the Zoom call!

You can call the Meeting Contact if you want to however there is an open invitation. Come on out and we will welcome you with open arms! Scroll down for more information on H7 Network.

Steps to Membership

  1. Visit up to 2 meetings in your local area
  2. Set up some networking appointments or 1:1 coffee meetings with members when at the meetings
  3. Join us for our weekly webinar with the Founder of H7G (Global Network) (click on Events tab above for more info)
  4. Meet with or call your local Market Area Director
  5. Sign up under the "Join" tab in the metro area you wish to participate in.

What Makes H7 Network Different?

  1. We have multiple programs. If you are looking for a women's group, we have that...we call those meetings, Evolve. If you are an entrepreneur or a sales person or just looking to increase your relationships and business, we have that...we call those meetings, Connect. If you are looking for something a little more serious and exclusive, we have that...we call those meetings, H7X (those meetings are invite only so they are not on the calendar). We don't have something for everyone though. We only have programs for people who desire to build relationships to grow their business.
  2. We have developed our own proprietary relationship-building system, group-grow system, referral system, and more processes that have been copyrighted.
  3. You can build your own networking group (more information on that below)
  4. You can earn incentives for working in local and regional leadership positions (more information on that below)
  5. You're not required to attend meetings (your customers are more important than us)
  6. You can start your own group/be a member of multiple groups/other organizations
  7. When you join us, you have a National Membership. You can travel to any meetings you wish to attend with your membership locally as well as nationally

Interested In Starting Your Own Group?

Interested in starting and leading your own H7 Network group or Evolve group? There are incentives. Join us in leading the charge to positively impact professionals all across the nation while simultaneously impacting ourselves at the same time (see the definition of H7 on the home page). The Frozen Membership is one of the best incentives in the industry. Pay your dues, become a Team Lead, and your membership will be frozen for as long as you are in the leadership position. Come be part of the Genesis. WIIFY (what's in it for you):
  • Frozen membership
  • Exclusive workshops and webinars on sales, marketing, and more.
  • Exclusive relationship with H7 Global Network Corporate
  • Exclusive program for Team Leads only, called Genesis
  • Exlusive processes so that you have support when building/maintaining your group and a proven, structured-format, to run your meetings