Are you familiar with F.U.E.L. Orientation? It stands for Fundamental Understanding on Every Level and it’s a crucial part of H7 Network’s success. We believe that when our members succeed, we all succeed. That’s why we’ve created a community of Champions and offer various opportunities to enhance your “word of mouth marketing” skills. F.U.E.L. is a orientation designed for both our new and existing members to help them navigate H7 and get the most out of their membership. 2 Times per month, we hold virtual workshops where members can select the breakout room that best suits their needs. At the core of H7 Network, we value Connect, Serve, and Ask and all 7 Values. Join us today and discover the H7 way.

FUEL Orientation


1. Become a Champion for others
2. Build better communication for more effective referrals
3. Focus on Conversations not conversions (Sell Through not To)
4. Accountability that goes both ways. Earn Trust by following through


1. Focus on what doors you can open for others
2. Practice active listening
3. Seek intentional 1 to 1’s
4. Take action on what you can support


1. Learn who you should be asking for in your 1:1’s
2. Ask for email intros or LinkedIn Introductions
3. Seek to connect with Centers of Influence (COI)
4. Recognize uncomfortably specific requests creates momentum


1. Creating your own audience compounds your reach and influence
2. Create deeper relationships through H7 exercises and tactics
3. Create more opportunities to give and get support
4. Becoming a leader embeds you with other high achievers and leaders