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Welcome to the National Member "Deals" area of the site. As a National Member of H7 Network, regardless of the program you're involved with, you have the privilege of being able to post your "Member 2 Member Deals". Some of you are very "local" which means that you may only be able to help people that can come to you, where you are. Don't worry, your deal will also be placed in the correct area (as long as you have edited your profile accordingly).

What is a Deal?

Advertisement! Advertise yourself. Tell us of any discounts you may have if other members use you and/or share an advertisement that you may have published in a magazine or share an advertisement that you want us to know about.

How to add your deal

Log in to your profile and add your "Deal" under the "Deals" tab of your profile. It will auto-populate the correct area as long as you have chosen your area wisely in your profile. Be sure to double-check your area when editing your profile.

Below are present National Deals. Some of them can work nationally and some cannot so click through them to find out.