Recorded Member Champion Training© Series

Clay Hicks, the Founder and CEO, facilitates the Champion Training Series for the H7 Network Community. In each recording, Clay Hicks delivers different techniques on the process of building a relationship with a single Champion. You'll learn by the end of the series that it's a repeatable process to create 5 Champions for yourself in 90 days or less. The Playlist to your right begins with Part I. If you happen to be looking for a specific video or multiple videos, click on the option in the top right hand corner that looks like a menu with 1/5 beneath it. Once you click on it, the playlist will expand and now you can select your video or videos. When you watch videos, we encourage you to attend Champion Technique Review held on either the 2nd (register here for 2nd Tue) or 4th (register here for 4th Tue) Tuesday of each month at 1 pm ET. 

30 Second Commercial

In this video, Michael Davis, introduces the best type of 30 second commercial that can help you connect with those you are networking with. Michael Davis is H7 Network's Speakers Bureau Sponsor and is THE Authority on Speaking and Presentations. You can find Michael at for your Speaking and Presentation needs.

Best 30 Second Commercial

Introduction to Best 30 Second Commercial

7 Habits of Faster Word of Mouth Marketing

Clayton Hicks, the Founder and CEO of H7 Network, shares the 7 Habits to Faster Word of Mouth Marketing.

Habit #1 Focus

Habit #2 Influence

Habit #3 Invite

Habit #4 Draft

Habit #5 Champion

Habit #6 Refer

Habit #7 Win-Win

Networking Techniques

Is your Network too Small?

Is your Network too Big? 

Grow through your COIs when you are B2C

Grow through your COIs when you are B2B

CSA Meeting
30 Minute Intentional 1:1

How To Connect

How To Serve

How To Ask

60 Minute Intentional 1:1

How To Connect

How To Serve

How To Ask