When you see a meeting labeled "IP" this means they meet "in-person" but please connect with the meeting contact for procedures and to reserve your seat. Thank you in advance.

If you are looking to help yourself by helping others, H7 is the place to network to grow your business. For questions, please contact one of the Columbus Market Area Directors, SJ Baracony (North of I-70 Cbus) 614-668-3942, Susie Schiering (Evolve only) 614-216-0247, Clayton Hicks (South of I-70/670 Cbus) 937-671-6238 or a Meeting Contact in the calendar below.


- Bring business cards
- Time to Introduce yourself for 30 seconds or less (in some cases)
- Time to help other members that are in the ZONE
- Time to help others through in small groups