Ohio Business Networking

H7 Network is headquartered on the southside of Dayton, Ohio but currently in the middle of expanding nationally. You’ve tried other networking groups – ones that focus on requiring referrals or weekly attendance. H7 Network is a modern-day Business to Business Networking Organization that features the fundamentals of Connect, Serve, and Ask. Connect, Serve, and Ask are the fundamentals of the Perfect Networking Appointment to build win-win and profitable relationships.

Statistics show that Professionals that network effectively can grow their business by 36% year over year. Don’t wait, check us out today.  We are expanding nationally but we have networking meetings available In Person in the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Central Ohio areas currently as well as B2B Virtual meetings. In order to participate in our B2B program, H7 defines B2B as B2B professionals' clearly focused on marketing to "other businesses". 

Ohio Network Groups

H7 Virtual Meeting Calendar

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1. "B2B" is our weekly networking meetings for B2B professionals only. H7 defines B2B as B2B professionals' clearly focused on marketing to "other businesses". There are members in this program from 14 states.
2. Health and Wellness or Root or Tech Corner or Flex are Specialty Groups and included with the H7 membership. These meetings are designed for the member to access more value for their membership. Health and Wellness is for the health and wellness professional. Root is faith-based. Flex is a meeting that has a presenter on a specific topic. Tech Corner is a meeting where you can take your technical questions about CRMs, LinkedIn, and more.
3. State or metro area meetings. These networking meetings are operating in those states/areas.