H7 Network is headquartered on the southside of Dayton, Ohio but currently in the middle of expanding nationally. You’ve tried other networking groups – ones that focus on requiring referrals or weekly attendance. H7 Network is a modern-day Business to Business Networking Organization that features the fundamentals of Connect, Serve, and Ask©. H7 Network group meetings focus on building relationships first and letting the referrals happen naturally.

Professionals who network effectively can grow their business by 36% year over year. And that business growth is now available for B2B entrepreneurs in Minnesota. Don’t wait, check us out today. Our expansion is your opportunity to network with others in the region and nationally.  Start your next level of success today! Join us for a free meeting.

H7 Network is a modern-day Business to Business Networking Organization that features the fundamentals of Connect, Serve, and Ask©. Connect, Serve, and Ask© are the fundamentals of the Perfect Networking Appointment© to build win-win and profitable relationships.


Connect - In our networking meetings you can expect time for 30 second commercials, small group activities, and encouragement to do your 1:1s outside the meetings.
Serve - There is always time in our networking meetings for participants to help each other in the small groups with their requests as well as at the end of each networking meeting. Listening to others' needs is a great way to identify who to try to meet with outside the networking meeting so you can help each other out.
Ask - There are multiple opportunities for participants to ask for what or who they need connections too. Members and guests are encouraged to show up to an H7 meeting with their specific connections they are looking for. Being more specific with your "Ask" will help you obtain connections you are looking for, faster.

MTT (Member TRACS© Training) is our proprietary training for members of H7 and Evolve.  TRACS© stands for Total Referral Advance Conversion System. Members have access to basic training on TRACS© every Tuesday at 4 pm as well as Video Trainings that they can watch at their convenience located in the Member Area of the site. For questions, please contact Janet Greer: (317) 403-5267 or the meeting contact.

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